Simple picture walkthrough for finding Tribalstack Tropics' Ghost Writers, Power Booster, Butterfly Booster, and Mollycool.

Yooka-Laylee Tribalstack Tropics Ghost Writers & More Location Guide

Simple picture walkthrough for finding Tribalstack Tropics' Ghost Writers, Power Booster, Butterfly Booster, and Mollycool.

There’s a lot to find as you make your way through Yooka-Laylee‘s Tribalstack Tropics, and with so much to find, it can be pretty easy to overlook small details the first time around.

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You generally just follow the Quills when searching for Pagies because the two go hand-in-hand, but for things like Butterfly Boosters, Power Extenders, Ghost Writers, Mollycools, and whatever else you can collect? You’re generally on your own — unless you have a guide. 

Tribalstack Tropics is the first world in Yooka-Laylee and will give you the least trouble when finding its collectibles, in part because some NPCs give hints to the more difficult ones to find.

This guide is straightforward. The collectible type is mentioned in a header, and then how to get it (or them) is listed below with images. It’s a lot easier to use this guide than it is to find some of these things.

Most, but not all, collectibles can only be obtained after you expand a world. Expansions are not mentioned here.

Let’s get to it. 


This world’s Mollycool can be found after you have expanded the world once and have the Sonar Shot skill.

Make your way up to the dilapidated ruins where you find Trowser, then use your Sonar Shot on the sleeping totem in the room to reveal a hidden platform. Use the platform to move up to the next floor.

From here you should be able to look left and see a set of moving platforms drifting just outside of the ruins. Hop across them into the pillar pictured and you’ll have this world’s Mollycool.

Butterfly Booster

If you have transformed using the D.N. Ray and have already talked to the plants around the area, you may have already gotten a hint about where to find this world’s Butterfly Booster. If not, that’s fine. You don’t have to get the hint to find it.

The Butterfly Booster is found near the top of the largest structure in the world, aptly named the Monument.

This, like most of the other Butterfly Boosters mentioned here, is easiest to get once you’re near the end of the game and have the ability to fly. You don’t need it, but traversing up the Monument is much easier when you can fly.

About 3/4 of the way up the Monument, on the back, facing away from the rest of the world, you should find a small area in the Monument with a twined wood fence and some platforms behind it. Once you see the twined fence it’s easy to see what I mean.

Head behind it, clear the platforms and make your way all the way through to grab Tribalstack Tropics’s Butterfly Booster.

Power Extender

This one isn’t too far from this world’s Butterfly Booster, in case you’ve gone searching for that and found it.

Like the Butterfly Booster, one of the plants scattered about Tribalstack Tropics will give you a hint about the world’s Special Move Extender. Its location? At the top of the Monument.

Getting this Power Extender is much easier once you’ve progressed through the game enough to fly, which makes scaling the Monument a piece of cake.

You have to make your way to the very top of the structure to collect this Extender.

Ghost Writers

The Yellow Ghost Writer

The yellow Ghost Writer can be found almost directly at the entrance of Tribalstack Tropics. The picture below was taken at the entrance, head where the red circle is and walk down to grab your very first Ghost Writer.

The Pink Ghost Writer

This one is near the entrance to the world, too, up on a larger platform you can reach fairly easily. You can feed it using a snowball plant on the ground nearby (also seen in picture) once you have Slurp Shot from Trowser.

The Blue Ghost Writer

Look for the area in the image below (from the entrance, it’s to the left of the ruins in which Trowser is hanging out).

Walk in and turn left and you should see an empty area with a couple of floating platforms above. Walk into it and use your Sonar Shot (purchased from Trowser) to reveal this Ghost Writer.

The Green Ghost Writer

This Ghost Writer is also near the entrance of Tribalstack Tropics. Simply take a left after you leave the entrance area and you’ll come across this it.

The Red Ghost Writer

Making your way to the red Ghost Writer is a lot easier if you already know where Nimbus the cloud is located — but if you knew that, you’d have found this Ghost Writer already.

Make your way toward the Monument the way the game intends you to go (instead of bouncing around like I did).

You have to walk up a few platforms to actually get to the Monument, and once you do, you can choose to either go left or right. If you’re on the hunt for the red Ghost Writer, you need to go left and head through the door at the end of the path.

Once you come out of the door, you can either glide-jump left (if you have the skill) or use the switch on the area below to rotate to get to the platform that’s to the left of the door.

Just keep going forward as the game clearly intends, through yet another door and across several lofty platforms, and eventually, you’ll come across this Ghost Writer. If you get to Nimbus before you see it, you’ve gone too far and need to turn around to find it.

That’s it for the primary collectibles in Tribalstack Tropics. Are there more? Well.. you’ll have to find that out on your own.

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