Your 15-Minute Guide to Highmaul Bosses, Part 2

A quick guide to the bosses of Highmaul, part 2.

A quick guide to the bosses of Highmaul, part 2.

This is the second article in a series. For the introduction and first  4 bosses in Highmaul, see Your 15-Minute Guide to Highmaul Bosses, Part 1.

Twin Ogron (Pol and Phemos)

Primary Mechanic: Blaze, Phemos, 100 energy

Phemos will throw his weapons down and cast Quake (unavoidable raidwide damage) then Blaze, igniting walls of fire throughout the room. Tanks should move bosses behind weapons to avoid the majority of the fire walls. 

Other mechanics:
  • Pulverize: Pol, 100 energy. Spread out and avoid Pulverize zones.
  • Whirlwind: Phemos, 33 energy. Avoid, tank should move him away from raid.
  • Enfeebling Roar: Phemos, 66 energy. Stack on Phemos to split damage.
  • Shield Charge: Pol, 33 energy. Avoid boss’s Charge.
  • Interrupting Shout: Pol, 66 energy. Stop casting.
  • Double Slash/Shield Bash: Increased damage by casting boss. Tanks should be aware of increased damage and use cooldowns as necessary..


Primary Mechanic: Nullification Barrier/Rune of Nullification

Ko’ragh starts with a Barrier that absorbs magc damage. Once broken, he summons a Rune of Nullification and charges a new barrier. One player can step on the Rune and charge their own Barrier, but they take heavy damage while doing so.

These Barriers can be used to soak Overflowing Energy orbs that spawn every 30 seconds. Orb spawn rate increases over time and Barriers deplete as they take orb damage, so multiple players will need to charge Barriers.

Other mechanics
  • Suppression Field: Void zone that damages and silences. Avoid.
  • Volatile Anomaly: Adds; position inside Suppression field void zone to silence.
  • Expel Magic (Arcane): Tank swap.
  • Expel Magic (Fire): Raidwide damage, spread out.
  • Expel Magic (Frost); Frost orb, avoid.
  • Expel Magic (Shadow): Raidwide heal prevention effect, use healing cooldowns to power through quickly.

Imperator Mar’gok

Primary Mechanic: Displacement, Fortification, Replication

At 90%, 55%, and 25% HP, Mar’gok will activate these Runestones in turn, granting him power which empowers his five primary abilities. Destructive Resonance is used constantly throughout the fight; the rest are used in order.

This is a very complex fight, so I will go into more detail of each ability in order.

Ability 1: Destructive Resonance

A debuff is placed on a ranged player; once it expires, a mine is placed at that player’s feet that persists for one minute. Once it activates, triggering it will do near-fatal personal damage and heavy raid-wide damage.

    • Destructive Resonance (Displacement): Mine grows bigger before expiring.
    • Destructive Resonance (Fortification): Mine persists for two minutes, instead of one.
    • Destructive Resonance (Replication): Mine will create two additional mines when it expires.
Ability 2: Branded

A debuff that jumps from player to player in the raid every 4 seconds, damaging the player it jumped from. Starts with 12 stacks, increases damage and loses range for every jump. Players receiving Branded with 8 stacks or fewer should move away from the raid to force it to expire.

    • Branded (Displacement): Players with Branded cannot move more than 10 yards. Raid must move away from player to allow it to clear.
    • Branded (Fortification): Range loss from jumping decreased. Player should not attempt to force it to expire until 3-4 stacks; players will take very heavy damage from jumps at low stack counts.
    • Branded (Replication): Two stacks of Branded go out; strategy is otherwise unchanged.
Ability 3: Arcane Aberration

Add picked up by off-tank that does light raidwide AoE damage.

    • Aberration (Displacement): Aberration has a knockback when it dies. Position accordingly.
    • Aberration (Fortification): Aberration has a much larger healthpool, and becomes immune to CC. No change to strategy.
    • Aberration (Replication): Aberration will spawn several Arcane Remnants when it dies, which must be AoE’d.
Ability 4: Mark of Chaos

An 8 second debuff applied to the current tank which kills anyone within 35 yards on expiration. The debuffed tank should run away from the raid, the offtank should taunt, and all raid members run away from the debuffed tank.

    • Mark of Chaos (Displacement): Affected tank is randomly teleported when debuff is applied.
    • Mark of Chaos (Fortification): Tank is rooted. Raid must use movement speed abilities to run away.
    • Mark of Chaos (Replication): When Mark of Chaoe explodes, 8 highly-damaging orbs fly out from the tank. Avoid.
Ability 5: Force Nova

A wave that emanates from Mar’gok and does heavy damage. Players should run towards Mar’gok to cross wave faster and reduce damage taken.

    • Force Nova (Displacement): Nova will slow crossers, requiring a movement-speed buff to reduce damage taken.
    • Force Nova (Fortification): Three Novas will occur over 16 seconds. Damage reduction or healing cooldowns may be necessary. 
    • Force Nova (Replication): Players will replicate damage taken by Force Nova to other players within 4 yards. Spread out while crossing.
Intermissions: Adds

There are two intermissions at 55% and 20% HP where Mar’gok is unattackable and adds spawn. Kill adds in this order: 

    • Gorian Warmage: 2 per intermission, untankable, constantly casts spells at random raid members.
    • Volatile Anomaly: Multiple spawn during intermission, should be picked up by tanks and kept away from Warmages. Explode for raidwide when destroyed, so should not be AoE’d. 
    • Gorian Reaver (intermission 2): Has a cone attack (Devastating Shockwave) and forces a tank swap (Kick to the Face).

That’s it for Highmaul! I hope you enjoyed this guide, and come back in 8 weeks when I break down the bosses of Blackrock Foundry!

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