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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — Gloom Sword and Demon King’s Bow Locations in TotK

Here's our guide to help you get the Gloom Sword and Demon King's Bow in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Gloom Sword and Demon King’s Bow are amazing items to have during your adventures. Getting them isn’t easy, though, since you have to face a tough foe and manage a potentially deadly debuff. Here’s our guide to help you get the Gloom Sword and Demon King’s Bow in TotK. Likewise, please be reminded that this article contains spoilers.

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How to Get the Gloom Sword and Demon King’s Bow Locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Gloom Sword, Gloom Spear, and Demon King’s Bow are three types of weapons that drop from one type of enemy: Phantom Ganon. It’s no surprise that Link’s old rival Ganondorf returns in TotK. However, the spectral variant is but a corrupted shade, far from his true form.

Where to Find Phantom Ganon in TotK

As of the time of this writing, I’m aware of three Phantom Ganon locations or instances where you have to fight him. Doing so also means there’s a chance that your foe would drop the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Gloom Sword, Gloom Spear, or Demon King’s Bow.

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Hyrule Castle Sanctum

It’s the one gigantic castle floating in the sky at the start of TotK, so it’d be impossible to miss. The Sanctum area (i.e., the Throne Room) is where you’ll fight not one, but five Phantom Ganon opponents. This is, simply put, a boss encounter. I suggest trying to cheese this fight by heading up to the top-floor landing, where there’s a chance that the hostiles will primarily try to snipe you with their bows, as opposed to getting into the thick of the fray.

While this encounter only occurs once throughout the campaign, it also leads to the most loot. Each enemy drops at least one of the three aforementioned weapons, so make sure you keep extras.

Deku Tree Chasm

You can only reach this area to obtain a Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Gloom Sword or Demon King’s Bow while you’re trying to cleanse the Deku Tree and Hyrule Great Forest. As you head down the Deku Tree’s Chasm, you’ll fight a Mr. Gloomyhands, followed by one Phantom Ganon.

This opponent also won’t respawn. I personally think that’s fitting since the Deku Tree is considered healed by then. A respawning corrupted boss would imply that it got a stomachache all of a sudden.

Taki-ihaban Shrine

Last but not least, there’s Taki-Ihaban Shrine in the western portion of Hyrule, fairly close to Lindor’s Brow. The coordinates are -1830, 1194, 0147. You’ll also fight a Mr. Gloomyhands and Phantom Ganon here.

How to Effectively Use Gloom Sword, Gloom Spear, and Demon King’s Bow in TotK

  • Demon King’s Bow: The maximum attack is increased depending on your current number of hearts. Each heart adds +2 attack to it. That means having 30 hearts gives this bow a +60 attack rating. Of course, taking damage would also mean that its DPS will be lowered. As such, you just need to make sure that Link is healed up.
  • Gloom Spear and Gloom Sword: The Gloom Spear and Gloom Sword have +40 and +41 attack power respectively, which would seem amazing at first glance. Unfortunately, they will also afflict you with Gloom when you damage enemies. That causes your maximum hearts to be locked out, preventing you from being healed to full. This effect is somewhat negligible in the Surface and Sky regions, but it can be deadly in the Depths. One method to cleanse it is to find and eat Sundelion meals.

I also offer another suggestion: you can simply use the Gloom Sword or Gloom Spear as a Fuse Material. When you fuse the Gloom Sword or Gloom Spear to a different weapon, the effect is negated. I’d say this is because Link isn’t actually holding the weapon, it’s merely attached to something else.

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In any case, this is everything you should know about the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Gloom Sword, Gloom Spear, and Demon King’s Bow. If ever you feel that you might lose them soon because they’d break, fret not. You can either repair them via Octoroks, or create extra copies via the weapon dupe exploit. In any case, you can learn more mechanics about this massive game in our Zelda: TotK guides hub.

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