Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) — Satori Mystic Armor Set Location

How to get the Satori Mystic Armor in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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To get the Satori Mystic Armor in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you need to first complete the Search for Kotlin side quest. Once you’ve completed this side quest you can now trade Bubbul Gems with Kotlin. Continuing down this road will eventually earn you all three pieces of the Satori Mystic Armor set in TotK. Here’s is where and how to find the rad looking armor.

Where to find the TotK Satori Mystic Armor Set

The location of the Satori Mystic Armor set in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the same as the final location of Kotlin, the masked merchant. This fun little guy is who you will need to go to to trade Bubbul Gems for each of the three individual pieces of this armor set.

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The only catch is you are going to have to trade for a lot of other stuff first. Kotlin wouldn’t offer me the Satori Armor set until I gave him plenty of Bubbul Gems. You better get spelunking.

How Many Bubbul Gems does the Satori Mystic Armor Cost?

You start trading with Kotlin by exchanging one Bubbul Gem for a prize — these are Moblin and Bokoblin masks at first but also include monster parts — at the price of one gem. As you trade more the number of Bubbul Gems Kotlin requires increases. Along the trading tree you will find three pieces of Satori Mystic Armor. Here’s how many gems they will cost.

  • Mystic Robe: 8 Bubbul Gems
  • Mystic Trousers: 21 Bubbul Gems
  • Mystic Mask: 46 Bubbul Gems

Kotlin will thankfully help you track down Bubbul Gems by letting you in on the locations of Bubbulfrogs across the map.

Those are the steps you need to take to get the TotK Satori Mystic Armor. For more TotK tips, stay tuned to Gameskinny for our continued coverage.

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