Terraria: Otherworld Featuring RPG and Tower Defense Aspects

Terraria: Otherworld isn't Terraria 2, but it looks like it will definitely be what fans are looking for.

Terraria has been one of the staples of the sandbox gaming community for what feels like ages now. Re-Logic has continued to pump their time into a game that would otherwise be forgotten, and that is something the Terraria community is profoundly grateful for.

While Terraria 1.3 is being released this year, Re-Logic and the console development team Engine Software are working on a brand new entry to the franchise called Terraria: Otherworld. If you have been able to call yourself a Terraria fan in the past (or even now), you should get pretty hype.

Can you imagine Terraria with more RPG elements? Because that's what Otherworld's going to have. A characters skills with weapons will increase with usage, the game will have a cohesive (but flexible) story, and finally NPCs will have personalities and be more than merchants.

Re-Logic revealed a great deal about Terraria: Otherworld over GDC, and there's simply too much to cover here. Check out this post on the official forums for information on the new focus on Corruption purification and the new tower defense-style gameplay additions to protect your structures and Purifying Towers.

We may be seeing 1.3 this year, but we may get to see Otherworld in 2015 as well. Re-Logic are aiming for a 2015 release with no Early Access.

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Published Mar. 12th 2015

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