Troll Pretends to Fund Kickstarter; Devastates Developer

2Awesome Studios thought they had reached their funding goal, only to have a troll pull it all away.

Running a successful Kickstarter as a developer is hard work. Some people have likened it to a full-time job, where you have to constantly keep your game in the public eye. It's stressful, especially in the final days of running the Kickstarter when you're just a little bit shy of making your goal (and your dreams) a reality. 

2Awesome Studios were in the final day of their Kickstarter with their goal in site, $7K needed to make their $30k Euro goal when suddenly they were there. Right under the wire, they hit their goal with one large benefactor. Dimension Drive was successfully funded. 

Except it wasn't. 

Around the time their Kickstarter clock hit midnight, 2Awesome Studios was informed that the donation was fraudulent, and therefore they hadn't made their $30K goal. 

All the official word has been from 2Awesome Studios right now, who are currently dealing with the devastation that comes from almost making their Kickstarter goal just to have it taken away. The user is apparently a confirmed troll: 

There's been no official word yet on what 2Awesome Studio is going to do after their Kickstarter. If you want to learn more Dimension Drive you can check out their Kickstarter page; unfortunately, the funding window has passed.

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Published Feb. 26th 2020
  • GameSkinny Staff
    That is incredibly brutal :(
  • Farrel Nobel
    Wow that must really suck... Trolls should stay away from kickstarter man, they just ruined some dude's DREAMS. smh
  • The Soapbox Lord
    Featured Contributor
    Instead of witch hunts, I propose troll hunts. I'll brandish the pitchforks.
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    I sincerely hope the developers can bounce back from this, and that this troll is banned from Kickstarter's website.
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    It's just such a cruel and thoughtless joke.

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