Adam Wolfe Ep. 4 Zero Hour Review

Zero Hour completes Mad Head Games' series Adam Wolfe with a bang.

Mad Head Games has released the final episode of their HOPA series Adam Wolfe. Episode 4, titled Zero Hour, picks up right where Lady and the Painter ends. Finally the story comes to its conclusion -- Adam has found his sister Allie, but many obstacles still lay in the way as they struggle to be reunited.

Zero Hour is a fast-paced ending to Adam Wolfe. Connecting all the previous episodes through various times in the gameplay, the player can see the grand picture that has been created by Mad Head Games. This episode has a few new puzzle types that the player has to work through, as well as a couple hidden object sequences. 

As with the other episodes, the variety of puzzles, the music, the art and voice acting are all on point. The story pulled me through to the very end. As a player you will have to use all you have available to make it through this episode. 

The ending is the only qualm I have with Zero Hour. To me it felt very unsatisfactory once I had completed the story. I found it a bit confusing as it left some threads dangling without any answers. However, the ending does fit with the general tone throughout Zero Hour. It also leaves room for Mad Head Games to come back with another series to play off of this one, creating more opportunities for Adam Wolfe to make a comeback.

Overall, Zero Hour wraps up Adam Wolfe well enough. Mad Head Games has created an interactive, suspense filled, mystery series sure to draw in players. If you are looking for a different type of puzzle or mystery game, this is one you will want to check out.

Review copy (via Steam) provided by Mad Head Games. 

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Zero Hour completes Mad Head Games' series Adam Wolfe with a bang.
Reviewed On: Steam
Published Nov. 10th 2016

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