South Park: The Stick of Truth Review

South Park: The Stick of Truth is an outrageous and hilarious ride!

This is a video review (on the Xbox 360 version) of South Park: The Stick of Truth by Ubisoft, an RPG released on March 4th for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The game is based on the American adult animated television series South Park. The Stick of Truth follows The New Kid, who has moved to the small town and becomes involved in an epic role-play fantasy war involving humans, wizards, and elves, fighting for control of the all-powerful Stick of Truth.

The game is thoroughly entertaining for the South Park enthusiast with a bit of a LOTR and The Elder Scrolls twist. I will say and stress that if you don't like the show, you probably won't like the game. It's full of offensive language, images, stereotypes and items such as the "Black Thunder" dildo (among others) found in Cartman's Mom's bedside table drawer or having to watch your character's parents have sex for 60 seconds (achievement by the way). Yes this game has it all without leaving anything from the shows out.

As my editor Jay said to me, "it just keeps finding the line and saying "Dude, there's totally another line to cross over there!"

The key to this game is timing and a good weapon when in battle.

Each opponent has their certain weaknesses so use the "examine" selection to make your choices wisely. Each character takes turns when attacking. On each turn you have the ability to heal yourself or buddy (if needed) and are allowed one attack using either an ability, summon spell, ranged or melee attack. You'll always have a buddy traveling with you in the game but your enemy can have quite a few. Make sure to always have Cure, Health, Revive, Power, and Mana potions. You're only allowed to carry up to 10 of each item.

Tip: Hitting an enemy with a ranged attack before initiating battle will leave the enemy stunned and give you the upper hand.

Summon Spells are attained by completing quests for certain characters which will allow you to "summon" them into battle--except when against a Boss. Mr. Slave's Summon Spell is quite shocking with a "WOW" factor. Butt Nuggets are equivalent to grenades that cause a gross out status effect by making other characters puke. They are collected when taking a deuce and hitting the 'A' button (Xbox 360) very rapidly to raise the bar to the top--pretty funny actually. Basketballs and dodge balls are handy in hitting multiple opponents and eliminating downed enemies from the battlefield. Don't forget to use your environment!

When encountering a Boss, you'll fight just like you do with any other enemy. The Boss always has a lot of health and powerful attacks, so remember to block. Examining for weaknesses helps a lot. If you defeat a Boss before his minions, the battle is over.

An epic face-palm OMG moment for me was when I learn the "Power of The Dragon Shout" from Cartman. Skyrim reference? This is when your character learns to use magic. I learn to harness the power of my farts--The Dragon Shout. Really? Yes, really.

I really enjoyed this game tremendously and I hope you do too!

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South Park: The Stick of Truth is an outrageous and hilarious ride!
Reviewed On: PC

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Published Dec. 12th 2014

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