Ragnarok Zero Promises to Bring Classic RO Back with a Modern Twist

Ragnarok Zero is bringing the RO experience to browsers in the west.

Ragnarok Online has always been one of those games where you either hate it, or you like it enough to come back every year or two to get a nice dose of nostalgia.

Ragnarok Zero is a browser-based iteration of the game not only hoping to give you some of that tasty nostalgia, but also some new things to do.

The game -- named Ragnarok Online: Prequel in its native China -- is officially licensed by Gravity themselves and developed by Chinese browser giant Dream². That's right: a Chinese browser-based game has licensing permission.

While the official Ragnarok Zero website promises action combat, this Chinese trailer (uploaded by MMO Culture) shows that combat just might not be that different. That said, the game does feature some modern updates such as dungeon difficulty levels and a new monster card system.

The game's western release date is still under wraps, but it is nice to see another way in which Ragnarok's legacy will be continued. While the official servers of the original game are certainly running, Ragnarok Online 2 is on the market and Project R1 (Tree of Savior) is still in development.

RO will never die.

Published Sep. 12th 2013
  • Marcelo_1755
    "RO will never die."
    This made me cry.
  • Ryan Chizmar
    Featured Correspondent
    Wow, I remember alpha and beta testing for RO way back in the day. I never got really far, but to see that they are having a browser game is kinda weird. It certainly looks like classic RO, but from that video it looks like it's just dungeons and going to different areas via a map system. I wonder if it'll have open-exploration?

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