Lethal VR: Fire and Throw Your Choice of Weapon in the Upcoming Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual Reality Shooting Gallery Comes To PlayStation VR

A new shooting gallery style game for the PlayStation VR system called Lethal VR was announced earlier today by the Creative Director at Three Fields Entertainment, Alex Ward.

The game is a collaboration with the UK-based Team17. Ward has previously worked on a similar shooting game for the PlayStation 2 known as Black, but states Lethal VR will be an experience closer to those seen in classic films such as Point Break.

Set up like a virtual training simulator complete with “friend or foe” targets, Lethal VR will contain 5 types of simulations and around 31 different weapons challenges. The arcade-style shooting gallery will test speed, accuracy, and consistency as players wield a variety of weapons ranging from handguns to knives and even throwing stars!

Completing certain challenges will unlock new bonus challenges where players can use famous weapons inspired by those seen in movies. Such weapons include: 

  • Kill Bill throwing stars
  • Goldfinger razor-tipped Bowler Hat
  • Crocodile Dundee huge knife
  • Magnum Force Magnum revolver
  • The Man With The Golden Gun gold-plated gun
  • Robocop automatic machine pistol

The game is heavily inspired by action sequences from many of the movies mentioned above and also police training exercises, seeming like a good combination for a fun VR arcade gallery experience.


Published Oct. 20th 2016

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