Joseph Ocasio's favorite games of 2015 Part 1

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2015 was a great year for gaming. Full of new IPs and returning favorites, it was an improvement over 2014's year of unfinished, broken games and constant remastering of old titles. I felt that 2015 was a breath of fresh air -- a year to start anew and try to put the past behind us. So, that's why I decided to take a look back and see what games truly entertained and engaged me the most this year. 

From AAA titles to indie darlings, there was something for everyone this year, making it one of the best years in gaming.

This will be split into to two parts with Part 1 covering 10-6. With that said, let us begin.

Published Jan. 8th 2016
  • Jeff D_7921
    Thanks for giving some love to AC Syndicate! I def think it's the best one to come out in a while and is being overshadowed by just how bad Unity was

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