Developer creates video games for visually-impaired kids

Developer Kid Friendly Software gives blind chlidren a little joy in the form of video games.

For those who happen to be physically-handicapped, some forms of entertainment can be tough to enjoy. Specifically, activities like video games, that relay audio and visual information to the user.

Kid Friendly Software, a small indie developer, has discovered a method to allow blind kids to join the fun, and it seems to be quite enjoyable for them.

The game the kids are playing in the video above, Blindfold Racer, allows them to interact with a virtual world by utilizing sound. By listening to sounds in their left or right ear, the player knows what button to press to avoid obstacles in the game.

Blindfold Racer is one of the many titles in the Blindfold Games series, created by Kid Friendly Software. Recently AppleVis (a community for visually-impaired users of Apple devices), awarded Kid Friendly Software 2015 Developer of the Year for their "series of accessible games."

While most creators in media focus on creating experiences for a wide audience, there are always those who are unable to enjoy every form of entertainment. It's great to see a video game developer taking time to focus on bringing joy to a marginalized audience.

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Published Feb. 28th 2016

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