101 Ways To Die: where you can let your inner sadist out

If you tend to laugh at things that you really shouldn't be laughing at, this is right up your alley.

 A physics-based puzzler with a twist, 101 Ways To Die will have you coming up with some of the most creative ways possible to kill the unfortunate lab rats you have at your disposal.

Why are you doing this? You're the assistant of Professor Ernst Splattunfunder who has been working on a book titled 101 Ways To Die. The book is filled with the many ways you can choose to dispatch your foes in style. The problem is that his manuscript has been destroyed, so it's up to you to recreate all those death recipes!

Why you? Probably because your morals are as loose as the professor's...and you like watching these little 'Splatts' get mutilated.

The game features over 50 levels and 101 'Death Recipes' to unlock along with a post round replay system that will let you relive your most sadistic moments. 

101 Ways To Die will be released on the 22nd of March for the PC, 23rd on the PlayStation 4 and 24th on the Xbox One. 

For more information you can visit the website right here


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Published Feb. 28th 2016

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