Battlefield 2 and Arma 2 Mod Project Reality to Become Standalone F2P

Critically-acclaimed Project Reality mod becomes a standalone title and is looking to round out its development team.

Eight years ago, the original "Project Reality" mod was released for Battlefield 2 and ARMA 2. Yesterday, it was announced that Project Reality 2 would be a standalone title.

The game is set to be a free to play multiplayer game, based off of the critically acclaimed "Project Reality" mod fo Battlefield 2 - there will be no required retail base game (although developers have noted that this business model may change). Developed and created from scratch, it uses Crytek's CryEngine 3 SDK, improving on the original "Project Reality" mod. The PR2 team is aiming for a more realistic, immersive, and demanding shooter.

The internal alpha will include the Fools Road map which is a “true to life representation” of the eastern part of Laskar Gar, Afghanistan and a recreation of Sant Elm, Spain. For beginner players, a basic training map will be included. 

And while they don't want to overpromise which factions they'll be able to include in PR2, the team is looking to implement most of the world's major military forces, drawing on current conflicts to stage the battle theater. 

On the weapons front, the announcement included: the Accuracy International L115A3, AK-74, AKS-74U, the Makarov pistol, L85A2 LMG, Colt M16A4, L76A2 LSW, M72A6 LAW, RPG-7 and the Colt M16A4 with M203 UGL as well as two grenades, L109A1 and F1. More are promised for the alpha.

If you were excited to jump in on this project however, it looks like you'll still have a while to wait. An alpha build is currently in progress which will be ready for internal testing in about two months, but the public release of the alpha "is still way off."

All hope is not lost though! If you've got the skills, the PR2 team is still looking for more people. If you happen to be a programmer, character, weapon, and proper modeler, a vegetation artist, or a GFX artist, and interested in in submitting an application, you can check out their official development site. Getting on the development team would certainly guarantee you a spot in the initial alpha test. 

Published Sep. 23rd 2013

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