Crimson Room Decade: Experience Deja Vu and a Door that Won't Open

Indie suspense and puzzle game Crimson Room Decade releases today on Steam.

Indie game developer Dream Holdings' successor to flash game Crimson Room, titled Crimson Room Decadereleases today on Steam. Reminiscent of the original Crimson Room from ten years ago, players start the game to find themselves trapped as Jean-Jacques Gordot in a room of red with a door that won't open -- unsure of how they got there, or why. 

In this suspenseful puzzle game, players must search through various objects around the room -- like pillows on the tattered bed, empty bottles in the room's corner, pages torn out of a notebook, a record player, and other seemingly ordinary items that yield strange findings in order to solve the mystery of the Crimson Room, and escape from its four walls. 

The game is available today on the Steam store for $8.49, marked down from $9.99 until June 16th. 

If you feel brave enough to unravel the riddle of the Crimson Room, download it from Steam for a suspenseful situational experience!  

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Published Jun. 10th 2016

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