Rune Factory 5 is Ready for Harvest on Nintendo Switch in 2021

Join a team of peacekeeping rangers and maybe fall in love in Rune Factory 5 on Nintendo Switch.

Marvelous showed off a first look at Rune Factory 5 during Nintendo's September Mini-Direct. The latest entry in the Rune Factory series is set for release on Nintendo Switch in Spring 2021 in Japan and sometime in 2021 in the West.

Rune Factory 5 follows the series' usual pattern of amnesiac heroes waking up in seemingly idyllic villages where things go awry. This time, the player character is in a "small town blessed by nature," where the residents recruit them into a ranger force.

These rangers are tasked with keeping the peace in the land. In Rune Factory fashion, that means getting into fisticuffs with the local monster population. Players can team up with NPCs to fight their foes and work together to unleash combo attacks, which is a first for the series.

Also a first is Rune Factory 5's graphics. The game retains the series' classic character art for conversations. But the perspective shifts from top-down to over the shoulder, and the world is billed as massive, with multiple environments ranging from snow-covered fields to coastline vistas.

Apart from that, players can expect the same Rune Factory gameplay. Time is divided between battling monsters, tending the farm, and cultivating friendships, and a wedding ceremony could be waiting at the end of the road.

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Published Sep. 17th 2020

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