Pokemon Sleep is Still Real and Finally Releasing This Summer

Pokemon Sleep will help trainers keep track of their sleep schedules, hopefully improving their sleep in the process.

It may have become a meme over the last three years, but Pokemon Sleep is still very much real. Announced for release this summer during today's Pokemon Presents stream, the aptly named Pokemon Sleep is a mobile application that lets people infatuated with Pokemon keep track of their sleep schedules. As such, the mascot for this app is Snorlax.

On the official Pokemon website, some instructions for how to best utilize Pokemon Sleep are given. Users will place their smartphones by their pillows when in bed and that will somehow record and measure their sleep. The longer you sleep, the higher your score will be in the morning. I should become the reigning champion if that's the case.

Pokemon Sleep will record your sleep style under three different classifications: dozing, snoozing, or slumbering. This is more of a cosmetic difference, as Pokemon that fall under those categories will appear near Snorlax in the morning. You'll also be able to add this Pokemon to your sleep style dex, encouraging you to take either longer rests or mid-day naps.

Along with the main app, a new accessory for Pokemon Go called the Pokemon Go Plus+ will be released with compatibility for Pokemon Sleep. If you'd rather not keep your phone under your pillow, this device can substitute it and track your sleep progress. It will also feature Pikachu's voice which can give you prompts for going to sleep or waking up in the morning. This accessory will be released on July 14, 2023, while Sleep is set for a tentative summer 2023 launch.

Featured image via The Pokemon Company.


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Published Feb. 27th 2023

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