Stardew Valley Shows Off New Content

Patch 1.1 for Stardew Valley is packed with new content, such as new farm layouts, new buildings and the ability to marry Shane and Emily.

Stardew Valley creator ConcernedApe showed off some of the new content coming to the game at PAX West. New buildings, new farm layouts, and the ability to marry Shane and Emily are just a few of the items coming in Patch 1.1.

One of the more exciting additions are the new farm layouts. In order to play these maps, a new character will have to be created -- but each map offers something specific to help with leveling. There are 4 new maps: one for fishing, one for mining, one for foraging, and one for combat. You can still select the original map as well for your farm. 

Taking into consideration requests from players, Shane and Emily are now marriage candidates. Upon last updating the player base on his progress, ConcernedApe stated that Shane's marriage events are 100% complete, while Emily is at roughly 80%.

New buildings, such as the mill, will be introduced. Along with the ability to make void mayo, honey into mead, and beets into sugar, there will be a shed added as well, which the players can decide what to do with. Also adding in highly expensive buildings for more end game players, ConcernedApe has hinted at a secret building.

While all the changes will be integrated into existing games once the patch goes live, new characters will have to be started in order to try out the farm maps. Check out ConcernedApe's interview with PC Gamer below for more details.


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Published Sep. 16th 2016

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