GameSkinny Update 5/4 - That's No Birdplane!

Check out the latest changes that are swooping into GameSkinny.

By gosh, what's that? It's a bird, a plane! No! It's GameSkinny changes and updates!

We've made a few subtle improvements here and there, so let's take a look at some of the recent updates on the site.

Header Media and Skinny Now in the Editor Tab

If you're just a reader, this won't affect you much - but our writers are already rejoicing. Instead of tabbing over to the "Bonus Points" (now renamed to SEO) tab, you can fiddle with your header media as you write!

This change should encourage writers to think more about the quality of those header images and new writers will have an easier time adding the visual goods. And, if you haven't noticed, header images are now especially important because of our next update..

Peggy Carter: "How do you feel?"

Capt. America's Related Posts Sidebar: "Taller."

Sidebar images are a bit bigger and a bit sexier in this new update. We're shining a light on our writer's excellent header images and boy do they sparkle! The right sidebar has never looked better.

Additionally, we're focusing the in-article sidebar on related content instead of just new or popular content. By putting related content there, we have a much better chance to get readers to more content that they're looking for. If you're looking at GTA 5 content, then we'll try to show you more GTA shenanigans and less of the stuff you don't want to see.

Post Scheduling

We also added in a new backend feature so our editors can now schedule posts if needed. This will give us a better control over the flow of articles that go out over the course of the day. Plus, as we've grown, GameSkinny has gotten an increase in embargoed information - this scheduler will help time our articles the second an embargo lifts.

If you're the type who hunts down breaking news, don't fret! News articles will still always go out in a timely manner to stay relevant.

Want us to schedule a post? Just let us know in your article's Feedback tab.

How to Report a Bug

If you find any bugs with anything above, please use the green "Feedback" tab you see on the right to report them. Include a screenshot and we might give you a cookie!

Questions, comments, suggestions?

As always, share them!


Published Aug. 8th 2015
  • Corey Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    Oh man, I wish this stuff was around a long time ago lol. Awesome changes.
  • GameSkinny Staff
    Thank you Corey! Glad to know we're doing right by an old intern :)

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