Meet Espectro the Cabal Guy in Evil Genius 2's First DLC Pack

The first Evil Genius 2 DLC pack is live now and adds a new henchman plus some delightfully frightful machines to your lair.

Evil Genius 2 just got more hench with the arrival of Espectro in the first round of Evil Genius 2 DLC called the Cabal Pack. Espectro is a new henchman and comes with two new machines, and a set of side quests all his own.

The Cabal Pack is part of the Evil Genius 2 Season Pass and is also available by itself for $4.99.

Espectro wants to join S.M.A.S.H. which means taking you out in the process — unless you get to him first. Completing Espectro's new side stories will bring him, well, on your side, and that's good for evil business.

Espectro has a special machine called the Cabal Indoctrination Chamber that takes enemy agents and transforms them into what you could think of as Espectro's Mini-Me. It's a handy way to deal with pesky intruders who just won't get the message otherwise.

Those who won't crack can get the laser gun, which, as the trailer shows, cranks the heat up in some rather delicate locations.

There's also a set of skins for your other henchfolk to give them the Cabal makeover.

This is just the first of several incoming Evil Genius 2 DLC packs, with the next rounds including:

  • A lair items pack
  • Another henchman pack
  • Two minion packs
  • A campaign pack

Which is fine with us. Bumps in the road aside, Evil Genius 2 is a top-notch lair builder with a distinct sense of style and humor.


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Published Apr. 29th 2021

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