EverQuest Next Holy Grail: Changing The Core Game

The new class system in EverQuest Next is sure to blow your mind.

During the reveal of EverQuest Next David Georgeson took the stage and said the class system we all know and love is getting a big change in the new game.

Georgeson started off the event with citing the necessity of changing the core gameplay (one of the development team’s four “Holy Grails”). He said MMOs have gotten stale, and in order to re-invigorate the genre they have to flip the class formula on it’s head.

To do this they are implementing a completely new class system that allows the player to constantly evolve over time. When you start the game you pick one of eight classes: This class has its own abilities and weapons as a class would in any game. Pretty standard, right? Not so much.

As you adventure through the new Norrath you can acquire new and powerful classes that you are able to switch to on the fly. This allows the player to experiment with the way they play and become the hero they dream of being. Georgeson said there are 40 classes to discover and master.

It goes without saying, that the more classes you acquire the more customization options are available to the avatar. Over time you’ll be able to mix and match the abilities for every class you have, and you can truly become a force to be reckoned with. 

With the destructible environment and the amazing AI options the new and unique class system is only an inkling of what is coming out of SOE Live this year. So, make sure you stay tuned to GameSkinny while we keep pumping out content!

Are you excited that EQNext is changing the class formula up, or are you a traditional one-class kind of player? Sound off in the comments down below and maybe I’ll let you be “classy” with me!

Published Aug. 2nd 2013

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