PUBG’s Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card Now Live on PC

PUBG's latest event is live now and offers more than 60 new items, plus a host of missions updated every week until June 4.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' third Survivor Pass has made its way to PC, complete with new challenge missions and spy-themed rewards. It runs until June 4 at 10 p.m. EDT.

Much like the recent Apex Legends Season 1 update, Survivor Pass 3 offers players multiple ways to earn rewards.

There are free rewards earned through completing missions and leveling up your season pass experience. Those who wish to access rewards from higher levels without completing as many missions can purchase level packs that increase levels by 5 ($4.99), 20 ($19.99), or 30 ($29.99).

Rewards range in nature from new costumes and poses to experience and BP in varying amounts. However, Survivor Pass 3 is themed around spy gear, so players can expect to see plenty of themed outfits like the ones shown in the trailer.

New rewards are unlocked at every level, and there are more than 60 new items to obtain.

Those who want to experience the full range of Survivor Pass 3's rewards can purchase the Premium Survivor Pass itself for $9.99, which grants access to exclusive missions and rewards, including the Form Fitting Dress (Red), Survivalist Backpack, Space Ranger Pose, Floral Print Shirt, and Beach Shorts (Textured).

Survivor Pass 3 includes more than 200 missions spread out over the course of the event's 10-week lifespan. There are special Beginner's missions designed for players just getting started, as well as Challenge Missions meant to test your mettle with specific weapons, along with the regular Daily and Weekly Missions.

Each mission is active for 7 days, and the missions will be updated every Wednesday.

Should players decide to purchase the Premium Survivor Pass later during the event, they'll immediately gain access to all rewards up to your current level and still have the remainder of the event to earn rewards from higher level tiers.

Currently, Survivor Pass 3 is only available on PC, though it will come to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions at some point in the future.


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Published Mar. 29th 2019

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