Animated Teaser Trailer, Screenshots, and Gameplay Details Revealed for Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow

New information has been released for the upcoming Futurama mobile game, including never before seen original animation.

New information -- including an animated teaser trailer and a few screenshots -- has been released about the upcoming mobile game, Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. This game is being developed by Jam City via its game studio TinyCo (of Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff and Marvel Avengers Academy), in collaboration with distributor FoxNext Games (of Alien Isolation and The Simpsons: Tapped Out). 

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow was created in conjunction with Matt Groening and his production company, Curiosity Company, alongside Futurama Executive Producer David X. Cohen, original writers from the series, and American animation production studio, Rough Draft Studios. Developer Jam City is also working alongside animators, and the original cast of the animated series in order to create more animated content for the game.

Jam City has also provided more details about gameplay in the upcoming mobile game. Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow will bring the futuristic sci-fi hijinks of the Planet Express crew to mobile devices and feature a mix of simulation, combat, space exploration, and choice-making mechanics.

The game features two different settings: the 31st century New New York and the vast galaxies which surround it. The game sections set in New New Work will focus on simulation and character progression, while the Space Adventures will have players journeying through various worlds and fighting against enemies across the entire Futurama universe.

In New New York, players will focus on rescuing various characters, gathering different items and materials, leveling up their characters, crafting character outfits which give and boost different abilities, and taking on a handful of story-driven missions.

In Space Adventures, players will fight against different enemies in 16-bit, arcade-style combat, and explore diverse planets where the choices they make will determine their success or their demise.

Check out the screenshots below to get a sense of both settings:

Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow will be available on Google Play and the App store at an unspecified date in the near future -- or as the trailer says:

"Available wherever you download stuff."

Jam City has confirmed that further information on the game will be released soon. For details about the game as they are revealed, visit the game's official Facebook page, Twitter, or the Jam City website.

In addition to visiting these social media pages, intrigued players can pre-register on Google Play or visit the game's website to be notified once the game has been released.


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Published Jun. 20th 2017

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