V Rising Slated to Get Free Secrets of Gloomrot Expansion in May

Stunlock Studios announced the Secrets of Gloomrot DLC in their Dev Update #18.

Gothic multiplayer survival game V Rising from Stunlock Studios is set to receive new content in May. In the latest Dev blog, Update #18, Stunlock Studios revealed its first content update. "Secrets of Gloomrot" includes a new biome, new enemies, new spells, and more.


The new biome, Gloomrot, is a large area situated between between The Silverlight Highlands and The Cursed Forest and divided into two sections, South and North. Filled with polluted valleys and scorched highlands, each area is set with its own unique challenges. Though there are a lot of brilliant people in the area, many are insane. You can suck the blood of the insane and acquire their knowledge. 

This is only the first of three planned updates relating to future content. More on Gloomrot, the new enemies and V Boss, weapons and current area changes will be included in the 2nd and 3rd updates. 

Castle Building

After much player clamoring, Stunlock will introduce castle customization, multi-tiered castles, and a stairway revamp in the "Secrets of Gloomrot" update. Stairs will also be indestructible in the case your castle is under siege. 

Upper areas will have auto railings built to prevent you from falling off the edge of a floor, and new outdoor building structures will be included as well as color customization options. 

With so much space to move around, the newly designed Castle Teleporters will be a great help. Smaller pairs of teleporters than those seen in throughout the world, these can get you from floor to floor in a flash.

Content Creator Program 

If you are a member of V Rising's Content Creator Program you will have the ability to sign up for the VIP Campaign, titled "Conquest of Gloomrot Campaign". Emails were sent to members with a link to sign up for the campaign. No other details were revealed, but we can assume they will be released as the update draws closer. 

While there is no firm date in May for the content to be available, the Dev Update states there will be more information to come. May is also when V Rising turns one year old in Early Access, so we can surmise that the update will be part of the anniversary celebrations. Keep an eye on GameSkinny for further V Rising guides and news.


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Published Mar. 8th 2023

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