Remnant 2 Handler Archetype Fights Deadly Hordes With a Very Good Boy

Your doggo will run to the rescue in Remnant 2 if you choose the Handler archetype class.

The Remnant 2 Handler archetype class, just introduced by Gunfire Games for the upcoming action RPG, is bound to be a fan favorite. Those playing as the Handler archetype will not only have access to a variety of ranged weapons but their very own attack dog. He's such a good boy, in fact, that he can even resurrect you and your teammates if a battle turns sour.

With a doggo at their side, Handlers can kite enemies or attack them while moving themselves away from the thick of things. The aforementioned revive ability, called "Prime," will get your team up in a jiffy, and their class-specific trait will even reduce all damage done by friendly fire. If you're not the straightest of shots, it seems like the Handler class will be an apt fit.

The Handler archetype joins "The Gunslinger," which was introduced earlier this month as another player class. Specializing in guns, Gunslingers not only look the part of the wild-west gunman, but they can actively skip reloading with their special archetype trait. Another skill lets Gunslingers carry more than the maximum amount of ammo, ensuring you always have enough bullets to take down whatever lies in your path.

Remnant 2's archetype system goes beyond the original and gives more flexibility to players and their teams. The rampaging beasts you face will require more team synchronization to deal with, which helps make co-op play feel more role-based. No longer can multiple players pick high DPS classes and steamroll the hordes of monsters.

Remnant 2 is planned for a summer 2023 release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Stay tuned for more. 


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Published Mar. 16th 2023

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