Star Wars Battlefront: The 10 Most Exciting Things We Know So Far

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It’s been ten years since Star Wars Battlefront 2 was released - that’s a long time in gaming terms; a lot has changed. Now that we’re living through the eighth generation of consoles, and have home PC’s that can display resolutions unimagined a decade ago, the technology is here to provide us with the true Star Wars game that fans have always dreamed of. Will it be this new, rebooted Battlefront? It definitely looks that way.

But, like so many video games that have yet to be released, a large number of people have already made a negative judgment on the game. Rather than looking at the positives, they’ve just focused on what they perceive as being potentially ‘bad’. For the pessimists out there, here are 10 things that will perhaps give you some optimism for Battlefront, and for the people like me who just can’t wait for the game, hopefully this list will get you even more excited for November 17. 

Published Jun. 9th 2015

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