My 5 picks for Summons in Final Fantasy XV

Summons have been a core part of the Final Fantasy series and in Final Fantasy XV it seems that they will be playing a role in the story itself.

Summons have been a fantastic staple of the Final Fantasy series since the release of Final Fantasy III in 1990. Over the years, Summons have taken multiple names, like Eidolons and Aeons, and had various roles in the stories of the Final Fantasy series. Classic Summons, Titan and Leviathan, appeared in trailers for Final Fantasy XV as larger than life parts of the world. And some, like Ramuh in the demo, are found and invoked by Noctis.

After playing the FFXV demo, I started wondering what other Summons might be featured in the game, which ones would I have to fight, and which ones would be a part of my team. So I've compiled a personal list of Summons I would like to see in FFXV.

Summons that fit with Noctis' Backstory

These first two summons would be great to feature, as they are both very popular Summons and would fit with the theme that Noctis is a Crown Prince of Lucis.

The Knights of the Round:

Every King needs his soldiers to command. Although Noctis already has faithful friends and bodyguards in Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto, it would be cool for Noctis to have this amazing Summon to boot. Fans haven’t seen much of The Knights of the Round since Final Fantasy VII, excluding the small cameo they apparently have in the Heavensward expansion for FFXIV. Imagine Noctis summoning all thirteen knights to attack a boss with a spectacular over-the-top sequence. It would be amazing.


Alexander FF XIV

Since Alexander is a giant moving fortress, it makes sense that Noctis either come across him or have him as an ally. What is a king without his castle? Also, if Square included the Knights of the Round as an offensive Summon, then Alexander could work as a more defense-oriented command or spell.

Personal Favorites I Would Like to See

These last three are just personal favorites that I would love to see in the game, whether as part of the scenery or as an action command/spell.


I know that Square is likely going to put in fan favorites like Ifrit, Shiva and Bahamut, and its very likely that Odin might show up too, but I would be so excited to see Odin and his signature Zanketsuken attack. If Square could make Odin look as cool as Ramuh did in the demo, it would be a fun spectacle to watch as my enemies just dissapear.


Carbuncle Summon

Going away from the giant, grandiose summons for a minute, I think it would be cool to have a small little critter to help you out. Carbuncle has some major defensive magic that could definitely come in handy in any boss battle.  If Square could make Carbuncle a Summon that sat on Noctis’s shoulder or, even better, a creature that could be big enough for Noctis to ride, that would be the icing on the cake.


This Summon has not been seen since Final Fantasy VIII, and that is a bit of a shame. There is nothing more satisfying than watching a demonic train mow down all the enemies in your path. This Summon could also go along with the theme of the modern technology and the “road trip” vibe that FFXV has been showing off. It would be amazing to fight soldiers in one of the cities featured in the trailers and then just summon a giant train to take out all the pesky militia.

So those are my personal picks for Summons I would like to see in Final Fantasy XV, did I miss a personal favorite? Leave a comment and remember for all your gaming news and articles stay tuned to

Published Aug. 15th 2015

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