People Can Fly Delay Outriders Again, Announce New Demo

Outriders is getting delayed again, but there's a hefty Outriders demo on the way in February to tide you over.

People Can Fly announced that Outriders is delayed until April 1, 2021, so the developers can "fine tune and polish" the game. And no, that's not an advance April Fool's prank (the devs even say so in the official tweet of the news). Also not a joke is the meaty Outriders demo planned for February 25.

The free Outriders demo goes through the game's first few hours and has all four classes unlocked. It includes single-player and multiplayer modes and lets players transfer both their character and progress data to the full game once it launches in April.

It's a chance to experience a glimpse of Outriders' deep progression systems, including what we called "organic" co-op teamwork. However, the demo won't show everything. Outriders still has plenty of surprises and hardcore challenges in store for those who make it through the end of the game, and everything is unlockable in the game itself. Outriders will have no microtransactions.


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Published Jan. 6th 2021

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