Watch 9 Minutes of New Luigi's Mansion 3 Footage

Check out some new footage of the Luigi's Mansion 3 hotel, Polterpup in action, and a host of other haunted happenings.

Just the other day, we were treated to some new Luigi's Mansion 3 footage highlighting the game's plot and some of its major characters. Now, as previews are starting to go up for the game, we're given an additional nine minutes of Luigi's Mansion 3 gameplay courtesy of GameSpot. Note that the video does contain what could be seen as spoilers in terms of locations and mechanics.

The footage shows us several of the hotel's lower floors, including the garage, lobby, shop floors, and the rather ominously named Floor 5, the RIP Suites. We also see the new Smash action in, well, action multiple times, and it seems it'll be a necessary component in capturing what would otherwise be some rather tough ghosts.

It looks like Polterpup will play the role of help-mate — like all good game dogs do — in Luigi's Mansion 3, popping up at important points to remind you what to do, should you temporarily lose your memory.

The rest of the trailer shows off a variety of other areas, some old and some new, along with demonstrating Luigi's new actions in a number of other scenarios.

One other thing the footage shows, though, is the attention to detail in the game. Sound effects vary depending on location, from the echo-y garage to the close-sounding corridors, light dances on gilded wardrobe doors and bounces off polished floor tiles — it looks like there's nothing that doesn't have at least a spark of personality.

Luigi's Mansion 3 launches for Nintendo Switch on October 31.

Source: GameSpot


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Published Oct. 16th 2019

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