Modus Games Unveils Cris Tales Special Collector's Edition

Cris Tales is getting a collector's edition, and it's stuffed full of time traveling goodness.

Dreams Uncorporated and Modus Games might have delayed Cris Tales until sometime in 2021, but there's still some good news in store. Modus announced a Cris Tales special collector's edition for $99.99 that's stuffed full of extras, including avatars, art prints, and an adorable plushie.

Here's everything that comes with it:

  • Collector’s box
  • An adorable Matias plush
  • Lithographic art prints
  • 3 character stickers
  • Set of 4 enamel character pins
  • A 60-page artbook
  • 4 desktop wallpaper downloads
  • 8 phone wallpaper downloads
  • 10 character avatars

Modus will make the Cris Tales special edition available on every platform. It takes advantage of Smart Delivery on Xbox Series X|S, and naturally, the PC version is digital-only. 

While Cris Tales doesn't have a firm release date yet, the special edition is available for pre-order now exclusively from Maximum Games.

Cris Tales leans on the likes of Chrono Trigger with time travel a central part of the narrative but also puts it to use in other ways, including quests and combat. A brief taste of that is on offer in the Cris Tales demo on Steam, PS4 and PS5, Switch, and the Microsoft Store.


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Published Jan. 19th 2021

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