Shadow of Colossus Meets Left 4 Dead in Outrise

A new multiplayer shooter has been described as "Shadow of Colossus meets Left 4 Dead".

In a recent interview with Polygon, games industry veteran James Wearing shared details about his new project, Outrise, which is still in the very early stages of development. Wearing describes the multiplayer shooter as a mashup of Shadow of Colossus and Left 4 Dead.

Outrise takes place in the year 2094, in a dystopian world where two groups are fighting to control the world’s last remaining form of currency: CryptoCoin. The world is ruled by the United States Federation (USF); a police state with complete control over the digital currency.

A group of skilled hackers and resistance fighters called The Outrise plan to dismantle CryptoCoin and take down the USF. In response, the USF unleashes an army of giant, mechanized warmachines called Megaliths to hunt down members of The Outrise.

The war itself is the basis for the game. Warren envisions groups of up to 15 players going against a large mechanized boss, controlled by another player. Players will spawn in the game, grab weapons, and team up to take down the boss.

The gameplay will be asymmetric, with the experience of those playing as soldiers having a dramatically different feel than those playing as the boss. Soldiers will have access to a plethora of firearms, explosive and drones while bosses are essentially unstoppable death machines. 

According to the official Outrise website, the game will have a distinctly “lo tech” atmosphere, inspired by movies like Blade Runner and RoboCop. Technology will not be sleek or shiny, but rather boxy and worn. Wearing says this is to bring back “the magic that old school sci-fi had that we don’t really see anymore.”

After nearly a year and a half of concept work, the Outrise team believes they’re ready to take the next step. Wearing says they are currently exploring options for funding and that a platform has not yet been decided.

For more updates, check out the official Outrise website

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