Poly Bridge Release Date Announced After Early Access Success

Developer Dry Cactus has announced the release date for Poly Bridge, after more than 160,000 players bought the game in early access.

Poly Bridge, by developer Dry Cactus and creator Patrick Corrieri, may be one of the most encouraging early access success stories. The game was added to Steam Early Access last year, and has since been bought by more than 160,000 players. Today, Dry Cactus announced the game's official release date, along with the improvements and new content that it will include.

According to Dry Cactus, the final release of Poly Bridge will include all of the features the Early Access version had, including the popular in-game GIF-export feature. In addition, the final release of Poly Bridge now includes 105 missions in Campaign mode, up from 36 in the Early Access edition.

The upcoming release also includes improved Sandbox and Workshop modes, improved artwork with new visual effects (including ambient occlusion), a new user interface, online leaderboards and rankings, and an interesting take on Twitch integration. According to Dry Cactus, Twitch viewers will be able to directly edit broadcasters' bridges in real time, which will no doubt lead to some very interesting outcomes.

The full edition of Poly Bridge will release on Steam on July 12th, for $11.99 (USD). The game includes support for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux users. You can visit the game's official website here.


Published Jun. 28th 2016

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