Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Power Berry Locations

There's only one way to increase your stamina in Friends of Mineral Town, and that's via Power Berries. Here's where to get all 10, plus a special one for rainy days.

Any classic Harvest Moon fan or current Story of Seasons fan (they are the same thing, after all) knows that Power Berries are the key to having long, productive days. Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is no different!

Each Power Berry you eat increases your maximum stamina, allowing you to do more tilling and watering, fishing, and whatever else you'd like before getting tuckered out. The sooner you get all 10 of them, the better.

Let's go into how you can get the regular Power Berries first, with the special Blue Power Berry in the next section.

Friends of Mineral Town Power Berry Locations

  • Found tilling the dirt on your farm  This Power Berry can be found anywhere in your farm's land, but it probably won't be too hard to find while just tilling the land like normal.

  • Found on the 100th floor Spring Mine  This one takes some time to get and is hidden underground like anything else in the Mines.

  • Found on the 19th floor of the Winter Mine  Just like the above, but only on the 19th floor in Winter.

  • Fished out of the ocean in winter  This should be done on the dock and does not seem to require the use of a Mythic Fishing Rod in this version.

  • Exchange 900 medals at the horse races  These medals can be obtained via betting on the horse races, but it might be hard to get this in the first year.

  • Win the horse race  Once your horse has matured and is able to enter the race, you've got to win to get this Power Berry.

  • Bought from the store  This one becomes available only after you purchase a large bed from Gotts. In the original game, you had to buy this Power Berry from the TV shopping network.

  • Behind the Winter Mine  When the lake freezes over, you can get behind the entrance to grab up this Power Berry.

  • Win the Beach Day Festival  You won't be able to compete in the festival until the second year, once your pet has matured and practiced fetching. Win the festival, and you'll get your berry.

  • A gift from the Harvest Goddess  You must toss an item into the lake for 10 days straight (it can be done sporadically) for the Harvest Goddess to give you this Power Berry. You can do this from the start of the game, so get to it! Even flowers will do.

How to Get the Blue Power Berry

The Blue Power Berry is different from the others, in that there is only one and it keeps you from getting fatigued quickly in rain or snow. You'll want to get it immediately.

You'll need a total of 11 Cucumbers to get this berry unless you've already met Kappa by fishing him up. Then you only need 10.

Over the course of 10 days, you need to toss a single Cucumber into the lake to summon Kappa. On the last day, he will grant you the special Blue Power Berry.


That's it for our guide to Power Berries in Friends of Mineral Town. Are you enjoying this return to classic-style Harvest Moon? Let us know over on Twitter, and check out our other Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town guides!

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Published Jul. 15th 2020

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