Top 3 Call of Duty games and the ones that didn't make the cut

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The year 2003 was quite eventful for the gaming industry, and one of its biggest events was the emergence of the first Call of Duty. This was a busy game, constantly expanding the limits of gaming community to its extremes. And, every new game in the series tried to awe its fan base by pushing these limits even further. Later on, epic cutscenes and stories alongside the trademark multiplayer made Call of Duty into one of the biggest game series in the world.

Even today, despite being constantly attacked by critics and the so-called game connoisseurs, Call of Duty’s huge sales numbers continue to surprise. This is probably the main reason why the games in this highly successful franchise keep coming out on a regular basis, but when you think about it, in comparison to some other bestsellers there’s maybe too many Call of Duty games at this point – eleven games (or twelve, if you consider an upcoming Black Ops 3) in the main series and maybe another twenty or so spin-offs for consoles and portable devices.

That's without considering such titles like Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, which was basically the prototype for Call of Duty games developed by the same guys that had founded Infinity Ward, the much praised developer of some of the best titles in the franchise.

Anyway, no matter if you’ve never played a single Call of Duty game or you consider yourself a pro, here are top 3 Call of Duty games for you and some extra thoughts afterwards.

Published Sep. 18th 2015

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