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The festivities are over, and attendees for SDCC 2013 have staggered home to recuperate from sleep deprivation, sore feet, and the burning holes in their wallets. Such is the glory of the internet that for those of us who were unable to finagle a way down to San Diego this past weekend, we can only make do with photographic evidence. 

Every gaming, anime, comic book, and general geekery site has exploded with some of the coolest and craziest cosplayers to set foot in the San Diego Convention Center. However, Power Ranker Ariel Kana from has pointed out that no major publisher has come out with a ranked list of the top cosplays, and has rushed in to fill this apparent void. The result looks like a random #sdcc2013 Reddit dump next to some numbers.

Unless you're trying to tell me that two pieces of monster fur and a plushie are what makes a top cosplay.

(Update: She has switched around some of the ranking since yesterday and now the furkini is #3 instead.)

Well, make it a competition if you wish, but this time around we're going to have categories just like everyone else. Many, many, many categories... Take a look at the slides to follow for some the most crazy awesome, crazy funny, and just plain crazy cosplays from this year's San Diego Comic-Con. Some will borrow heavily from the Ranker list, some won't. You know we can't possible hit all the great ones, but we can try! (Photo credits where possible.)

Photo by Hayley Sargent via Geeks Are Sexy

Published Jul. 24th 2013
  • MrFester
    Good collection.

    #9 is Trisha Hershberger and Meg Turney from SourceFed. Both are really cool chics.
  • Stephanie Tang
    Featured Columnist
    Hey thanks for your help, the slides got messed up and the blurb from the last slide got saved over onto a bunch of the others. The original did have credit for SourceFed but I didn't know their names. Thanks. :)

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