Tough Love for Guild Wars 2 Fashion Finalists

All things have a right to grow, but some outfits have clearly fallen into Nightmare!

Well, If I wasn't destined to win, it must be because I was destined to be a guest judge!

Overall I was super-impressed with the entries I saw as the contest went on.  There were so many creative styles!  I found inspiration especially in some of the less-flashy looks that still worked well.  My own outfits are usually very bright and I think I will be trying more subdued looks in the future based on some of the things I have seen.

But I was pretty disappointed in the final ten chosen.  Not (only) because I wasn't in it - I already suspected that my chances were quite small - but because some of the entries didn't seem particularly inspired compared to many that were not chosen.  I understand that with so many entries to choose from it can't have been easy to pick finalists.  In some cases it seemed like entries were chosen just for the sake of variety - but then if variety was what they wanted why not include a charr?

The following are my sometimes unkind opinions about the finalists chosen.  To the finalists: I hope I won't offend you too much, but if I do, just remember that you won and I didn't.  That surely will make you feel better about anything I could say!


As far as the entries go I think that the winner should be The Iron Alchemist.  The Iron Alchemist may not have the most flashy outfit of the top ten, but looking good doesn't have to be about showing off your legendary.  The armor pieces came from different sets but worked well together, the dye was neither too bold nor too boring, and the locations chosen for the screenshots fit with the theme of the outfit.


I give Guades credit for his choices in mixing armor pieces, although I think better screenshots would have helped the entry a lot.  A photo with a higher camera angle would have been nice.  Still, the dye job was nicely done and I liked the use of red to liven things up while keeping a traditional look.  I would put this entry in second place


After these two entries the field looks grim.  I have no suggestion for third place because I think the rest fell short.  In no particular order, here are my thoughts on the other entries.


The Dapper Asura looks to me like he just stepped in something awful.  I think there's a fine line between looking dignified and looking grumpy and this asura fell on the wrong side of it.  There is a huge range of emotion and expression that asura can use!  I feel like you totally missed the mark here.  Also what is up with that bright orange dye?  Just because you've got a Ringmaster's hat doesn't mean you should try to look like you're in a circus!


Fallen Angels tried hard to create a nice look and I think a lot of parts succeeded but I can't get over the use of t3 pants.  From the random metal tab under the belly button to the ugly dark line it creates around the waist, I think that is just about the worst piece of armor you could have chosen.  On top of that, the choice doesn't even seem very creative - I walk by 5 norns in Gladiators Tops + T3 Leggings a day on the way to the trading post from the bank! 

 I am guessing that the Norn, being the practical people they are, have all gotten together and agreed to use the armor that requires the least amount of metal.  That way they can  send resources to the Pact for fighting the Elder Dragons.  Leggings choices aside, the dye was great and this was definitely the best use of Radiant Vambraces shown by any finalist.


Inathe's pictures were gorgeous to be sure!  But I think it would be a shame if Ianthe won just based on the awesome photoshopping rather than the outfit itself, which, while nice enough, doesn't seem particularly outstanding.


 kitten konekochan 

Perhaps kitten konekochan did do a nice job of ...wearing pants and a hood.  But the dye fails to impress (and doesn't go with the glow!) and the character is just standing around bored in the screenshots which makes me feel bored to look at them.



Yago Medava 

I can only assume Yago Medava made it to the top 10 because they wanted to include more male characters as finalists.  The armor is boring and not even dyed creatively.  I don't know what the judges saw in this entry besides cute screenshot locations.  I loved the schoolroom shot but what does that have to do with your armor?


 Sabishii Kiba

Sabishii Kiba, saying that you're a fashonista doesn't make you one - I think your look is a hot mess. The whispers breastplate and aetherblade leggings seem to be aiming for sexy - but the tops of the aetherblade boots ruin the line of your legs and the clunky gloves distract from your figure. 

I think the Braham's armor set would have been a much better choice to get away from plate mail.  Gladators accessories could have tied it together.

But let's focus on the look you did pick.  It seems like the metal highlights in the Aetherblade pieces forced your hand a bit for the pauldrons to try and pull the look together.  It could have been helped by better choices for dye if you hadn't chosen the radiant gauntlets and been stuck with the silver and white.  I mean really, you're using silver and gold both to highlight the same outfit?  Pick a metal and stick with it.

 Finally, the monocle.  It doesn't seem to relate to the rest of your outfit at all.  I guess that is where the noble aspect of your look is supposed to come from?

If I saw you in this outfit but with different gauntlets and a more focused color scheme (maybe a deep red, rich leather, gold theme?) then I might be impressed by your looks when you stomp me in WvW.  But currently I will probably die of laughter.  Or because I'm bad at WvW.



I love the gorgeous screenshots taken of Persefone Fleur but that Orrian armor kills any sense of majesty you'd expect in a queen. I love what you're trying to do with the mask and the rapier but I think those giant eyes and bodysuit look to the armor just clash with it!  A lot of your screenshots seemed to be from the streets of divinity's reach... and the bodysuit makes me think you are walking those streets for less-than-noble reasons.  I definitely give you points for keeping up with the latest trends by using brand-new items though!

So there we have it! The top 10 finalists!  Oh, did I forget one? Ah, yes.

Ciaran Paine

Ciaran Paine II's look, while not objectively bad, was almost as boring as the backgrounds used in the pictures.  Where's the creativity?  If you have a basic look, you could at least make the pictures fun to look at instead.



And that was the full top 10!

 In the end, I hope none of you take these comments too seriously - I have a great deal of respect for all the work everybody put into their entries.  And the entries that frustrated me the most were ones where I could tell a lot of effort was made but I simply disagreed strongly with certain choices.  Obviously my opinion is different than that of those judging though, so I wish you all the best of luck!


Published May. 5th 2015
  • DatEle
  • DatEle
    I think Guades and Kibas looks we're the best overall. But I didn't see many good looking light armor sets! Predefined was good but I'm not a fan of Arah armor.
  • Cora_9982
    Ohh fun! Of those top ten The Iron Alchemist should win. Maybe it is the hair ;)

    Can you drop some feedback / criticism for Coral? She isn't my most flashy character (that would be Uir...) but I thought that I should submit my main character when I couldn't decide which one to enter for the contest.
  • chiuna
    It was hard not to be biased since one of my characters also goes by Coral but I've tried to leave some fair feedback :)
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    Thanks for sharing your view of the top 10 Chiuna! A good read, and (like all my favorite reviews) tough while being fair.
  • Raios Deschain
    Congrats to the finalists, but I do have to agree with this article. Either way, this contest has been fun, and hopefully we will see some more variety in the other categories!
  • MoonlitLilac
    Hahaha, that's why I pointed out the "Queen Gone Crazy" style which doesn't necessarily make her a queen (or if it does, she is probably gonna be hanged by queen Jennah at some point). It's not just a dried-up "I am the queen" story. Sometimes beauty is found in the simplest of places, like a confetti-filled street in an awesome looking city like Divinity's Reach.
  • chiuna
    Oh I read that you were going for crazy-queen, I just think it was too crazy. But a lot of people seem to think you found a good balance! I didn't really have a problem with the screenshot locations you chose - the lighting was generally good and you didn't fade into the background. Honestly if I didn't disagree so much with the Orrian set I probably would have put you in first place in my personal top ten because of your action shots. Good luck for the finals, although I think you have so many fans you won't need luck anymore :)
  • Guades
    You asked for it, here's a high angled screenshot for you.

    Additionally I'd like to point out that Sabishii's look was designed before the braham's outfit was released.

    (If the link gets corrupted do contact me)
  • chiuna
    Awesome, I think the higher angle shows off the collar! Good luck!
    I heartily agree with me being put in because of the female-male ratio, im more surprised no Charrs were in so the race ratio worked out too. And schoolroom shots because i kinda wanted it to just be a funny thing to read.
  • chiuna
    I thought it was a much more creative location than many of the others used in the finalist entries :) Good luck!
  • Hunter712
    Almost makes me wish I wasn't a finalist :S
  • chiuna
    Aww, I'm not trying to hurt feelings here. My apologies if I did and good luck in the finals!
  • Wankums777
    We all wish that.

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