First Wave of Steam Machine Hardware Pre-Order is Sold Out

First wave of pre-orders for the anticipated Steam Machine have passed. Earliest you can get them is November 10th now.

Valve has announced that their first wave of Steam Machine Hardware including the Steam Machine Controller and Steam Link Streaming Hubs have officially sold out via the October 16th pre-order option.

Wowza that's fast!

Valve released earlier this month that pre-orders were finally available for this highly anticipated video game machine. For those that were able to pre-order the hardware, they will receive it around October 16th, whereas the rest of the world has to wait until November 10th. The pre-orders were accepted through EB Games, GameStop, Micromania, Game UK, and of course Steam

Get it November 10th

The pre-order option for November 10th is still available through Steam. The computer accessories and add-ons are a bit pricy, but they are made to be used with Steam which should help with controller syncing issues that have happened in the past.

What kinds of accessories?

The accessories that are available include: the Steam Controller for $50, Steam Link for $50, Alienware Steam Machine starting at $450, and a Syber Steam Machine starting at $500. To look more closely into their benefits, you can view them on Steam's hardware purchase page.

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Published Jun. 29th 2015
  • StayNoLonger
    Featured Contributor
    I really like the idea of the Steam machine, as I believe it will bring more people over to PC as a platform and it is nice to see the first batch sell out. Although I will never have a reason to buy one as my PC is a lot more reliable due to better air flow. I might think about getting the controller once some proper reviews come out though.
  • Courtney Gamache
    Featured Contributor
    I would probably go for the machine if I could give substantial reasoning so such a large price. My laptop isn't the greatest but it does the job. Now that sweet controller I will probably get so I can retire my logitech ones. Plus I do love wireless.

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