The 15 highest rated Xbox One games

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It was little over 2 years ago when Microsoft walked out of its worst ever E3 press conference. Little more than a week later it reversed all of its Xbox One policies over DRM, online connectivity and game sharing. Fast forward 2 years and the ramifications of those initial blunders are still being felt by Microsoft. But the Xbox team, including its head Phil Spencer, deserves a ton of credit for the way it's turned the ship around.

But alas we're not here to dwell on the turbulent life of the Xbox One, we're here to celebrate the awesome games on the console. We've compiled a list of the highest rated Xbox One games to date, as rated by Metacritic. It's worth noting, however, that remasters and games that were released on Xbox 360 first, will not be counted.

The games on this list show the diversity of not just the Xbox One's library but the games industry as a whole. 

One final note: games that have the same score are in descending order of user score on Metacritic. And with that out of the way, read on and find out what Xbox One games are the highest rated!

Published Jul. 25th 2015
  • Fireboltz_7795
    Featured Contributor
    Honestly, percentage lists are nice, but it definitely missed out. Dying Light, Sunset Overdrive, Shadow Warrior, and Alien Isolation are all great games that always go overlooked. Having said that, the Witcher 3 is way good, and I'm not surprised to see it at the top.
  • Michael Slevin
    My favorites on the list are Titanfall and Arkham Knight. I was surprised that Sunset Overdrive was missing! I guess Master Chief Collection is missing thanks to its launch issues, however I think it's worthy of being in the discussion.

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