New Trailer for The Order: 1886 Shown at PlayStation Experience 2014

Ready at Dawn shows new trailer for The Order: 1886, a new PS4 exclusive.

Sony spent this weekend showing off some of the latest PlayStation video games and gadgets at the 2014 PlayStation Experience. Several new game trailers were released, including one for Ready at Dawn's The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886 is a third-person shooter with a steampunk feel. It takes place in an alternate history version of Victorian London, where the player character, a knight known as Sir Galahad, fights to protect the world from monsters.

In the trailer, Galahad and his fellow knights board and take over an airship while on a mission. The trailer also shows a few moments of actual gameplay, though it looks very similar to the cinematic parts of the trailer, which is exactly what Ready at Dawn wanted.

According to the games's official website, The Order is intended to feel more like a movie than a video game with "full performance capture for characters and scenes, combined with seamless transitions between action and story sequences..." 

Unfortunately for any Xbox users interested in the game, The Order: 1886 will release exclusively for PS4. The game will launch on February 20, 2015. 


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Published Dec. 7th 2014

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