Another secret weapon appears in Destiny; here's how to get it

A new exotic weapon in Destiny has shown up called "No Time to Explain"; which is a pulse rifle.

Players have been going crazy over the new secret weapons found in Destiny during Year Two. Keeping with that motion, they found a cool pulse rifle called "No Time To Explain". The popular new exotic pulse gun found is a different version of the "Stranger's Rifle" from Year One, which many players already have. 

Getting the New Pulse Rifle

There are a few steps in gaining access to the new pulse rifle, and it begins with finding all the ghosts in the daily mission called "Paradox". Once you find the ghost shell, you have to turn it into the Future War Cult vendor in the Tower, which will then lead her to give a new mission called, "Not Forged In Light". 

While the new mission does pose a challenge in lengthy steps, the most difficult would be defeating Atheon, the final boss of the Vault of Glass raid. 

When it comes to the mission as a whole, there are numerous steps that must be taken, which Reddit user IsThisIsALongEnuffName posted:

- Quest is called Not Forged In Light. You have to pledge allegiance to FWC and get reputation for them. You then need to go to Venus and kill a Taken Minotaur which will drop simulation core that you will need to shatter.

- I just shattered the Simulation Core and got a new quest. Need to speak to Lakshmi-2 at the Tower.

- Now you have to do the Vault of Glass and kill Atheon. Killing Atheon rewards you with an Eye that you need to shatter. Currently doing VoG on Normal Mode.

- Currently fighting Atheon. Just beat Atheon and got his Eye. I shattered it and got a new quest where I need to speak to Lakshmi again.

- Got a new quest on Earth, Shadow at Twilight, must go in there alone. Recommended light level of 270. Need to collect a chest. Chest spawns in random random places

- New quest ‘Blood of the Garden’ on Mars. Recommend light level is 290. Holy hell that mission was ruthless. Minotaurs everywhere

-Reddit user IsThisIsALongEnuffName

Having some pretty good statistics, this exotic version of the "Stranger's Rifle" brings a nice touch of variance on year two of Destiny. If you feel like playing Destiny, it's available for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

What do you think of the new pulse rifle? Have you already unlocked it in Destiny? Share your thoughts below on the exotic weapons popping up!

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Published Oct. 20th 2015

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