10 Classic Pokémon Skins to Download and Use in Minecraft

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Pokémon and Minecraft are just two games that are never going to go away. Arguably the two most powerhouse—yet simple—titles on their respective console types, these games have been capturing the hearts of the young and old for so many years.

The constant remixing of gameplay has kept these titles fresh and beloved. I still remember playing Minecraft in its alpha stage, and playing the original Red and Blue versions of Pokémon was one of the warmest and most adventurous gaming memories of my childhood.

That being said, how about a little combination of the two? With over 700 Pokémon in existence, it's taken the huge success of Pokémon GO to bring us back to the memories of the original 151. Let's take a look at 10 of the nicest Pokémon-themed Minecraft skins available right now.

If you want to completely change Minecraft into the world of Pokémon, check out the Pixelmon mod for Minecraft!

Published Aug. 13th 2016

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