10 Reasons Why Star Citizen Will Blow You Away

9. The Mining 

Mining is often the bread and butter of the space sim; a reliable and (usually) safe way to make money, but it can often be a bit tedious. Mining in Star Citizen breaks this mould. No longer a case of finding an asteroid and holding down a button until all its elements have been mined, the occupation now involves a degree of skill and dexterity. 

There’s also the risk/reward factors that come into play: the more valuable minerals are found deeper inside the asteroids, which is where the volatile gasses are found. Meaning if you want the good stuff, you’ll be taking the risk of having your ship blown to bits. And should you manage to leave an area with a cargo hold filled with loot, you may find yourself a target of someone looking to make a quick buck. 

There’s also the effect mining has on the overall economy: there are pros and cons for going freelance or working for an agent, there is an option to use brokers to find the best mining sites (you can even become a broker yourself), and there are huge number of specialist roles the occupation provides. 

Not just something added as an afterthought to the game, mining in Star Citizen is a genuine, interesting, and lucrative career path.

Published Mar. 16th 2015

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