10 Reasons Why Star Citizen Will Blow You Away

5. The Ships

With Star Citizen being a game set in space, it’s pretty important that the ships are a stand-out feature. Much in the same way a driving game would be a letdown if all its cars were a bit crap.

At the moment there are over 50 ships available, with more to come before the game’s release. These range from your usual fighters and bombers, through to the enormous capital ships which come with a recommended minimum number of crew members in order to perform effectively.

As well as looking stunning, it was recently announced that a new damage model had been added to the game. This allows ships to react differently depending on the type of impact damage they suffer.

While all the ships will eventually be available for purchase with in-game currency, they can currently be pre-ordered with one of the game’s packages. These range from the standard ‘game plus starter ship’ at $48, through to the option which gives you virtually every ship in the game; its price? $18,000.

There are also insurance policies available to players, meaning should your ship and cargo get destroyed or stolen, all that hard work/real money isn’t totally lost. The policies have premiums that need to be regularly paid and come with varying levels of cover. The drudgery of insurance, made exciting by basing it in space.

Published Mar. 16th 2015

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