Niantic Makes It Easier to Get Spell Energy in New Wizards Unite Update

Obtaining more Spell Energy from Inns and Challenges in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite just got a bit easier thanks to a new, feedback-driven update.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the highly anticipated sequel to Niantic's other AR hit Pokemon GO is getting a new update that grants more spell energy to players.

The change was announced on the Wizards Unite Reddit page and comes in response to player feedback.

The game will now award players with double Spell Energy when they first start playing, raising the Energy level from 25 to 50. Spell Energy received from Inns, Greenhouses, and completing Daily Challenges is getting a boost too, including “To Collect an Ingredient or Portmanteau” going from 5 to 10.

Niantic didn't mention a concrete number for the increases in Inn and Greenhouse Spell Energy — the two main ways of obtaining Spell Energy in Wizards Unite — but any increase is a boon for Energy-starved players, and the overall reaction to the announcement is positive so far.

That's likely because shortly after the game launched, Reddit was filling up with comments about how Inns and Daily Challenges didn't offer enough Spell Energy, which is required for battle.

Instead of getting a more seamless experience, players had to play the waiting-and-grinding game, lingering around Inns until they reset and repeating that process ad infinitum until they had enough Spell Energy to continue playing the game.

The alternative was, of course, buying Spell Energy, which wasn't high on the top of most people's preferred methods of obtaining Energy. As such, it resulted in some, especially those who had played during the beta testing, leaving the game for a while until Niantic balanced things further.

It didn't help that some players were, and still are, experiencing issues with Inn locations, What might be a Pokestop in Pokemon GO ends up being a Fortress in Wizards Unite, making it difficult to find areas granting Spell Energy, particularly for those in rural areas.

This bit of balancing has happened rather quickly and lends some credence to Niantic's statement they want to continue making the game better by gathering feedback.

While the lack of available content in rural areas is still a concern, Wizards Unite players are making their concerns known. It's always possible some solution or other will arise as time goes on, such as Niantic adding more events to the game as time goes on. 

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Published Jun. 25th 2019

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