Best Budget Hearthstone Decks for the Kobolds and Catacombs Meta

Divine Shield Paladin

Crystal Lion is undoubtedly the best rare Paladin card from the K&C set. Its power entirely relies on the number of Silver Hand Recruits you control, and that's why this deck has all the possible ways of putting as many of these 1/1 tokens on the board as possible.

But how do you make the vulnerable Recruits survive in this meta? You guessed it right -- you need to give them a divine shield! The answer to this problem is Steward of Darkshire, which you must protect by all means. For this purpose, you have cards like Righteous Protector, Argent Protector, and Bonemare.

Then, play your Recruits and Crystal Lions for a final blowout. And, if you manage to buff them up with the help of your Rallying Blade, then victory is guaranteed.

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Published Dec. 6th 2017

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