Master Chief joining the PC Master Race?

Halo and other major Xbox franchises may be heading to a PC near you!

PC gamers rejoice! One of the best first-person shooters might be coming back to PC, if rumors prove true. Kotaku recently released a report about the future of Xbox consoles, and inside that report was a mention of the Xbox One and PC coming together.

The reported project is called Project Helix, and it would involve big franchises like Halo making their way to PC in addition to the Xbox One console.

Kotaku stated:

"Developer sources have told us that Microsoft's new mandate is to release future games–including the flagship Halo series–on both platforms."

PC Gamers have been waiting for the Halo franchise to arrive for a long time now. Microsoft recently announced that Halo Wars 2 will come to PC, as well as the popular Forge mode found in the Halo games. Josh Holmes of 343 industries, the developer of Halo, stated that this is "just the beginning" for the popular Halo franchise on PC.

Along with Halo, other Microsoft franchises including Gears of War and Forza will make their way to a computer near you. I'm sure we will find out more information about project Helix at Microsoft's E3 press conference that takes place June 13th at 9:30 AM PST.

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Published Jun. 23rd 2021
  • StayNoLonger
    Featured Contributor
    The smart thing for Microsoft to do is to release the Halo games as a Windows store exclusive and with the Forceful upgrading of Windows systems to windows 10 the majority of people will have access to the operating system. I would be happy if they just released the Master Chief collection on PC.
  • Joey Marrazzo
    Featured Contributor
    Even if they did do that. Some PC's might not be able to run it due to the possibility of high hardware requirements. I do believe that if Project Helix does turn out to be real, all the games will be Windows 10 Store Exclusive. Quantum Break was Windows 10 Store Exclusive but it did get bad reviews based on the new system Microsoft is using for its Windows Store games.
  • DoubleVendetta
    And "Killer instinct." -_-
  • Joey Marrazzo
    Featured Contributor
    I don't play Killer Instinct but my buddy does and he wasn't allowed to play Killer Instinct for about a week when it launched due to problems launching the game with the season pass content. So between the launch of Quantum Break and Killer Instinct, Microsoft's PC plans aren't too hot right now.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    To clarify, "Rejoin the PC Master Race". They abandoned us after Halo 1.
  • Joey Marrazzo
    Featured Contributor
    Ahh yes, I have forgotten about that. I just updated it. Thank you!

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