Playstation Store Update for June 4th


It's Tuesday, so it must be PSN Update!This week we have a decent amount to sort through. Remember Me is out as a download this week sitting on a mild 7.4 on Metacritic; it's something worth checking out. Another notable release is the run-away success of Limbo. Released exclusively on the Xbox 360 in 2010, it came to PSN last year and now it's available on-the-go for your Playstation Vita. Also, be sure to check out the soundtrack from The Last Of Us for $9.99.PSN Games Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon ($19.99) Remember Me ($59.99) Playstation Plus Dues Ex: Human Revolution (Free) GRID 2 (Retail, 10% off for $53.99) Lets Fish! Hooked On (Vita, 50% off for $10.00) Portal 2 (In Motion DLC, 40% off $4.79) PS2 Classics Alfa Romeo Racing Italiano ($9.99) Ultimate Board Game Collection ($9.99) PS3 Add-Ons Crysis 3 The Lost Island DLC Bundle ($14.99) Deadly Premonition Cat Girl Outfit ($1.59) Chibi Chibi Bang Bang ($1.59) Friday Night Outfit ($1.59) Happy Songkran Suit ($2.29) High Roller Suit ($2.29) Special Ops Suit ($3.24) The Blue GT ($1.59) The Devil’s Red ($1.59) The Green Drifter ($1.59) Dollar Dash Robber’s Toolkit ($1.99) Dust 514 Aerial Assault Pack ($9.99) Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Ghost (FREE) Injustice: Gods Among Us Flashpoint Skin ($2.99) Resident Evil Revelations Resistance Set ($1.99) Tomb Raider Adventure Pack ($6.99) Tomb of the Lost Adventurer ($2.99) Survival Pack ($6.99) Playstation Vita Add-Ons  Paint Park Plus Color Palette ($0.99) Eyedropper Tool ($0.99) Gravity Rush Sticker Set (FREE) Gravity Rush Sticker Set 2 (FREE) Gravity Rush Sticker Set 3 ($0.49) Paint Tool Bundle ($1.99) Special Sticker Pack (FREE) Toro’s Friend Network Coloring Set ($0.49) Toro’s Friend Network Coloring Set 2 ($0.49) Toro’s Friend Network Sticker Set ($0.49) Toro’s Friend Network Sticker Set 2 ($0.49) Toro’s Friend Network Sticker Set 3 ($0.49) Toro’s Friend Network Sticker Set 4 ($0.49) Watercolor Pen ($0.99) Toro’s Friend Network 100 Coins ($0.50) 500 Coins ($2.50) 1100 Coins ($5.00) 2500 Coins ($10.00) Demos Limbo (Vita) Vita Games Limbo ($14.99) Paint Park Plus (Free) Quell Momento ($4.99) Toro’s Friend Network (Free) PSP Games Class of Heroes 2 ($24.99) Discounts 5-in-1 Arcade Hits (Mini) Blimp: The Flying Adventures (Mini) Foosball 2013 (PSN/Vita) Minisquadron (Mini) One Epic Game (Mini) Portal 2 (Retail/DLC) The Impossible Game (Mini)


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Published Jun. 5th 2013

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