The Five MMOs I Wish I Had More Time To Play

Here are five MMOs I'd play if I had more time.

Most MMO fans have that one MMO that's just The One. However, there are those that we all wish we had time to play outside our main choice. I went through all of my current and previous games to find the five I wish I had more time to play.

Some of these games I only spent a few hours playing. Others, I've put in a few weeks on. I didn't dislike any of them, though some had a few negatives. Mostly, I just didn't have time to play them because I spent more time playing others.

Number 5: DC Universe Online

I picked DC Universe Online up yesterday for free on my PS4. Despite half of the character creation options being from expansion packs, there are a decent amount of options. You've got pre-programmed options based on well-known DC characters, or you can fully create your own from scratch. Some of the more unique or multifaceted powers are not options; like Superman's vast amount of powers, or simple abilities like Giganta's.

Overall the system feels more like an open-world fighter RPG instead of an MMO, despite the over-active chat. With how the story's set up to explain why there are so many people running around with superpowers, it makes the game really interesting. I just wish I could devote a bit more time to actually learn the story.

Number 4: Neverwinter

In light of the recent Shadowmantle patch announcement, Neverwinter comes to mind as a game I'd like to play. I have a few characters, but for the life of me I can't remember what they were. The combat system was something totally new for me. I'd never played an MMO that had a limited skill bar before. I really liked the play style, it just got old with no one to play with.

When Shadowmantle launches, I'll likely take a break from my current games to play some Neverwinter.

Number 3: Aion

Aion was one of those games that I really didn't care for the story on. The classes were fun to play though. Gunslinger especially, was really enjoyable to me. At the lower levels, it really felt over powered though. I didn't get very far into the game because the story couldn't hold me during the level grind. If I could find the time to level my Gunslinger, I'd like to go back and see what the higher end combat is like.

Number 2: Ragnarok Online 2

Ragnarok Online 2 was a really cutesy game. I liked everything about it, I just had no one to play with. The combat system was very fluid, in my opinion. The fact that you had to choose only one craft, and that being done during character creation, was new to me as well. I created one of each primary class, and matched sub classes so that I could make the most of each character. The mail system made it easy to transfer stuff as needed also.

I'd definitely play this game again if I had time, and people to play with.

Number 1: Lineage II

I really wanted to play this game, then I realised that I couldn't play the first one, which bummed me out. I felt like I'd miss some of the story if I started at Lineage II. It was the promotional cutscenes I saw on YouTube about two years ago that drew me to the game. All of it looked really amazing, and interesting. I felt there was a whole story I was missing in this series and just had to play it.

I tried it out, but soon started searching for a way to play the original. I never found a way to play Lineage, so I didn't ever pick Lineage II back up. Looking back, I could have still probably enjoyed Lineage II. Next time I get a second to kick back, I'll probably dust off Lineage II and give it a go.

 These are the top five MMOs I'd play if I had the free time. Let me know in the comments below what your top five are.

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Published Nov. 20th 2013
  • Alexandre_Costa
    As an hardcore Lineage 2 fan I have to say that Lineage 2 is the most fun when playing with your clan, solo can be fun too but it can get unbearably boring, once you get to PvP (off the record: private servers have such strong PvP that it changes the whole game from private to official) the game mutates. I also played Aion, RO2 and NW. NW and Aion are cool, too boring to bare, but cool. RO2 has a thick fan base wich makes it a good game, to my eyes, it's just an anime cheeseball.
  • Elloawendy
    At the moment I'm playing World of Warcraft again...and this mostly because it'sthe only game apparently that both my boyfriend and I can enjoy to play together more than two weeks. If I had more time, I'd play:

    -Guild Wars2: Or ..well I'm still playing it time to time, but I'd play it more. It's probably one of my favourite game and the game I respect the most for the design. GW2 had been created by artist that love their game and you feel it in the smallest of details. It's grafically gorgeous. There is tons of content. And I love the idea behind the game that encourage players to collaborate, play together, have fun together.
    Also, I do have an amazing community in that game!

    -Tera: I've put so much energy into Tera before the launch, truely believing it would be my next WOW. Unfortunately life happend differently and Tera's launch had been a disaster in Europe. If I had time I'd be playing it. Once more that game is amazingly gorgeous, and the combat is probably the best combat ever in any game I've been playing. So fun that I do not care the grindy aspect of it.

    - The Secret World: TSW is a game that would deserve a medal to try something completely different from other game. A smart game that requiere smart players. Interesting stories. Amazing atmosphere. Unfortunately the game is a bit too gloomy for me to get into it alone. There is plenty of chain quest that terrify me...I mean, seriously..It's a Horror game! ;)

    - StarWars The Old Republic: I've not finished my Smuggler story quest. If I had time, i'd certainly enjoy that. For some reasons SWTOR have a tendency to depress me. Maybe there is too much technology and machine and guns for me being happy...I don't know. But there were great idea in this game. I rest my case and claim they should have kept it as a multiplayer RPG instead of a MMO. The "MMO" part of that game wasn't the interesting ones.

    - Minecraft:'s not really a MMO, but if I had five life to fill with games, I'd play Minecraft on a creative server, like I did in the past with the VoxelBox, by far, my best Minecraft experience.

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