Darktide Patch #4 — Blessing of the Omnissiah Brings Crafting, Out Now

Patch #4 for Darktide brings crafting and a more player-friendly weapon shop to the game after a long patch drought.

It's been a long time coming, but Patch #4 — Blessing of the Omnissiah has finally launched for Darktide, bringing long-awaited crafting system along with a slew of other quality of life and balance changes.

FatShark have been applying bugfixes over the past month while holding onto big changes for this patch, it being the biggest one since Darktide launched in late 2022. Most excitingly, the Shrine of the Omnissiah is now fully operational and allows Blessing extraction and application while the new Brunt's Armoury section of the Armoury Exchange allows you to buy specific weapons for upgrade.

Darktide's gear system has been the most prevalent complaint among the playerbase, but with patch #4 — Blessing of the Omnissiah finally you can minmax your gear and not have to wait for the shop to restock to do it.

Emperor's Gifts have now also been revamped to be granted after successfully completing a mission, with difficulty level and conditions affecting the potential rarity.

Emotes and a huge chunk of balance changes have also been packed into this patch. Check out the full list of patch notes on the FatShark forums, and look for more Darktide coverage here on GameSkinny.

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Published Feb. 22nd 2023

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