Mario Golf: Super Rush Hits the Links June 25

Mario Golf: Super Rush is out this summer and brings back Mario Golf's story mode for the first time in years.

Mario and friends are hitting the links once again in Mario Golf: Super Rush, headed to Nintendo Switch on June 25. It's the first Mario Golf game since the lukewarm Mario Golf: World Tour, but Super Rush has more in its golf bag than the usual 18 holes.

Mario Golf: Super Rush's traditional golf mode offers motion controls and a number of features to help fine-tune shots and make the perfect landing.

Super Rush includes several additional modes to shake things up. Speed Golf is one. Every player tees off at the same time, then it's a mad dash to the ball to see who can land it in the cup the fastest.

In true Mario fashion, there's plenty of power-ups to help even out the playing field or put a wrinkle in the competition's plans.

Mario Golf: Super Rush is bringing back Mario Golf's beloved story mode as well. Players enter their Mii into golf competitions, starting off as a lowly rookie and gradually working up to champion status with some help from leveling up and stat increases along the way. Stay tuned for more when this game hits the course. 


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Published Feb. 17th 2021

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